Sunday, 9 September 2012

Liposuction to the arms

Bloodless fat collected using VASER
VASER'd fat
VASER Liposelection is a great option for reducing the size of the upper arms without the need for more extensive surgery. The VASER system is very selective at treating fat and reducing damage to surrounding tissues. Clinical studies have shown that VASER causes less blood loss compared to standard liposuction. The image on the left shows the emulsified fat collected from the patient below, showing virtually no blood loss.

For those women who are concerned about the size of their upper arms, we understand that you may choose clothes that hide your arms and that you long to wear sleeveless tops in the summer. You may have only thought that Brachioplasty was necessary which involves a long scar along the length of your upper arm. Well for most sufferers of these 'bingo wings', VASER Lipo is a great treatment choice.

There are only a couple of tiny scars (about 4-5mm across) and you won't feel a thing as the surgery will be performed with some local anaesthetic and mild sedation. Afterwards you will need to wear a compression sleeve on each arm for about 4-6 weeks and we recommend manual lymphatic drainage at least 2-3 times a week during that time to optimise your recovery and outcome.

Then you can enjoy results like these:

before VASER Lipo
before VASER

After VASER Lipo
after VASER

If you would like to find out more about VASER Lipo to your arms, book in to see Dr Jain in Harley St, London or at Riverbanks, Harpenden.

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