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Who is the ideal patient for VASER Lipo?

I was asked this question by The Good Surgeon Guide on my twitter feed last week, and its a great question.

Contrary to popular belief, VASER Lipo can be used on all sorts of body sizes, though the best results come from those who are NOT that overweight. Clinically obese people (i.e. those with a BMI of over 30 unless extremely muscular) who are looking for a surgical solution to weight loss should see a bariatric surgeon instead, as VASER lipo is not about weight loss but about reshaping your body.

So who is the ideal patient?

Well, from the last 350 patients I have treated, I can say that the ideal patient is male or female, with an age of 38 years old, weighs in at about 75KG and has a BMI of 26.
Before and After VASER to Abs, Flanks and Hips

So as you can see, our VASER patients are generally not overweight but do have trouble spots they want rid of. The split between male (37%) and female patients (64%) is narrowing each year and I suspect in 5 years I will treat as many men as women.

So what sort of areas do patients request to have treated?

Below are my top 5 treatment requests for VASER Lipo:

  1. Abdomens & Love Handles 
  2. Gynaecomastia (Man Boobs)
  3. Saddle bags (Outer thighs)
  4. Double chins
  5. Upper Arms
The demand for VASER 4D body sculpting is increasing at a dramatic rate and its not surprising as for many its a much more cost effective solution that having all of the above areas treated individually. On top of that, you also get a much more athletic look.
Before and After VASER 4D Sculpt

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