Saturday, 9 March 2013

What are the benefits of foam compression after liposuction?

4D Female Padded VestIn the UK there is a wide variation in the level of aftercare following liposuction, ranging from simple compression strapping for a couple of weeks, to 12 weeks of compression suits with foam padding as well, together with regular manual lymphatic drainage sessions.

4D Male Padded Vest

I believe strongly in the benefits of well fitted compression suits for at least 3 weeks 24/7, then for 3 week 12 hours a day for regular VASER Lipo. After more sculpting procedures such as VASER 4D, I would add in extra foam padding as well as increasing the during of compression suits to 8 weeks instead of 6.

The whole aim of liposuction aftercare is to reduce swelling and therefore pain, and also improve the final cosmetic result. Foam padding significantly reduces pain and is very useful if a lot of swelling is anticipated, or, the compression garments cause creases in the skin.

Patients aren't really pleased about it when I instruct foam padding but, it is in their interests and they appreciate it after a couple of days, especially when they see the improved results.

I tend to advise foam padding for the whole torso with all Vaser 4D procedures. I also advise foam padded belts for treating lower abdomens and flanks. But at Riverbanks we have various sizes of padding to fit the area we wish to provide additional compression to.

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