Thursday, 22 May 2014

Will VASER get rid of the gland in gynecomastia?

I've been successfully treating gynecomastia with VASER Lipo since 2008 now and have change 100's of mens lives for the better. It really is a satisfying treatment to perform as the difference it has made to my patients lives is very rewarding. Many have had such a boost in confidence that it has led to better things such as career changes, business growth, and even better relationships with partners, not to mention feeling more confident in clothes, on holiday, and by the pool!

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by my patients is "will the VASER actually get rid of the gland?"

Well, first of all, in over 95% of the cases I have treated over the years, I have not had to formally cut the gland out to get great results. I use the VASER in a very specific way which dissolves the glandular tissue in the vast majority of my patients. By using the VASER in this way, I can therefore only use a 5mm incision just beneath each nipple, making the whole procedure virtually scarless.  Below you can see a video of how effective this technique is in reducing the volume of breast tissue in the chest.

If after using this technique there is some gland still present, then I will cut it out using the 'pull-through' technique which only requires a very small increase in the size of the scar to about 8-10mm. I will do this at no extra charge to the patient. Sometimes stitches are required and these will be removed at your 1 week check up. If you are unable to attend the 1 week check up, I will use absorbable stitches for you.

Prior to each and every surgery I perform, I carry out an ultrasound scan and video the pinch thickness as above. This allows me to determine the exact technique I need to use during the surgery. I then repeat the ultrasound scan and video afterwards to confirm success.

Post-op recovery is relatively quick with most office workers returning to work within 48 hours and manual workers requiring about a week off work. We then review all patients at 1 week and 8 weeks post op routinely. If all is good then, we discharge you!

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