Saturday, 3 October 2015

Psychological Impact of Male Breast Reduction in London & Hertfordshire

I have been performing gynecomastia surgery using VASER since 2008 and have improved the lives of many men which has been extremely rewarding.

Many men report the many positive changes to their lives after having had Male Breast Reduction at Riverbanks and I published these recently.

Psychological outcomes following ultrasound-assisted gynaecomastia reduction in adult men

How Male Breast Reduction Improves Mens' Lives:
  • They can now take their kids swimming without feeling self-conscious about the size of their chests
  • They don't mind undressing in front of their partners
  • They are happy to go on beach holidays with friends
  • They stop wearing oversized clothes and enjoy the current fashion of slim fit shirts.
I hear these stories time and time again from my patients and it motivates me to do the best job I can in order to stop their silent suffering and let them lead normal lives.

These findings were also presented in September 2015 to the British College of Aesthetic Medicine in London.

There are many more clips of mine for you to watch on my YouTube Channel which features gynecomastia videos including patient testimonials and surgery clips. 

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