Sunday, 10 January 2016

How do your manboobs interfere with your life?

Even though gynaecomastia (manboobs) is a relatively common condition in men, its impact on the lives of sufferers is grossly underestimated. Nearly all of my patients describe some of the following symptoms:

Dreading going on beach holidays with friends

This is an extremely common complaint my single patients describe during our medical consultation. Often, young, single young men dread going on holiday with their pals because they fear endless teasing about the size of their chests. Usually they try and cover up the area with t-shirts or in the most extreme cases avoid the holiday completely. There really is no need for this as the condition can be successfully treated. Leave about 12 weeks before a holiday as the absolute latest to have the surgery.

Avoid taking their top off in front of their partners

This is a really unfortunate situation and I generally advise my patients that their partners are highly unlikely to be concerned by their chest size. However, as part of the psychological impact of gynaecomastia, these reassurances fall on deaf ears, so low is the confidence of these young men. Often their partner will try to reassure them but after several years they will finally realise that their loved one is really suffering and then supports their desire to seek medical advice.

Frustrated at not being able to wear fitted shirts / T-shirts

Current fashion is slim-fit and this is often not compatible with over sized chests especially if the men are over sensitive with the size of their chest. Usually guys will cover up with loose clothing and several layers of clothing even in the summer. Quite often I see guys sweating in the consultation because they have so many layers on despite it being the middle of summer. Its not just T-Shirts, it is also regular work shirts which can be too tight particularly around the sides of the chest. If this affects you, do mention it during your consultation.

Dread taking their young kids swimming

For any young father, being able to take your kids swimming should be an absolute pleasure. For many gynaecomastia sufferers the absolute opposite can be true and these young dads have these priceless moments dominated by embarrassment. In only a few men do their children comment on their father's chest size. But if your condition does inhibit you participating in this family time, you should speak to a doctor.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery can fix all of the above concerns
Thats why I just love performing this surgery as it really does change the lives of my patients for the better. There is no reason why these men should not be able to lead a normal life. For sure, if the problem is 100% psychological and not physical, surgery will NOT help. But that is why the consultation is necessary to make sure that surgery is the best option. I have helped 100's of men lead normal lives and bury their demons.

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