Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Whats the difference between Smart Lipo and VASER 4D Sculpt?

This is a very common phrase searched on the internet and I will try to explain it.

SmartLipo (or laser assisted liposuction)

  • Laser technology
  • Heats ALL tissues with most of the energy being absorbed by blood.
  • KILLS fat cells so not able to perform fat transfer
  • Not specific to fat
  • Can overheat connective tissue (skin) and cause burns or contracted skin
  • Long operation times
  • Incision points are about 2 mm
  • Cannot perform high definition liposculpture as will burn the skin
VASER (or ultrasound assisted liposelection)
  • Ultrasound energy
  • Selective for fat tissue
  • Protects skin, nervesm blood vessels and muscle
  • Burns are extremely rare
  • Incision points are about 4 mm
  • Can perform high definition liposculpture as protective to skin
  • Fat cells stay ALIVE so can perform fat transfer
The laser technology of SMARTLIPO is quite destructive and kills tissues. VASER does not kill tissue and that is why there is less risk of damage. Clinical studies have shown that there is 70% less blood loss with VASER compared to liposuction. VASER protects tissues and so that is why it is possible to perform highly selective liposculpture using VASER 4D Sculpt techniques. Liposculpting techniques often require the surgeon to work immediately beneath the skin (superficial fat) and lasers will burn the skin at this level.

Do you want a treatment which is destructive or one that protects your body?

You choose!

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