Monday, 4 June 2012

Is VASER liposuction better than BODYTITE at skin tightening?

Newer technologies arriving on to the market are all trying to better the absolutely amazing results of VASER liposelection. However, to date, I have not seen any which come near. BodyTite, uses radiofrequency energy which cooks the fatty tissue. It is NOT selective to fat and can burn other body tissues such as skin and muscle. Even the most experienced plastic surgeons who perform many liposuction procedures have reported burns with the Bodytite.

Bodytite is being heavily marketed as being the best treatment for tissue shrinkage after liposuction. However, it must be said that if there is excess skin before surgery, then liposuction may well not be the most appropriate surgery and that an abdominoplasty ('tummy tuck') may be more suitable.

For many patients, a tummy tuck is too big a surgery for them and they prefer a less surgical approach with smaller scars and just an improvement in their bulge. If I consult with a patient who has some relaxed skin due to previous pregnancies or weight loss I usually advise them that a tummy tuck is more suitable for them. However, some really want to try a less drastic option first and if they can accept that after the VASER there will be fat reduction and some skin retraction but not as good as with a tummy tuck, then I will agree to perform the surgery.

Because the VASER system protects the tissue architecture, the scaffolding of the skin  remains largely intact. As a result it shrinks back more evenly and even to this day I am amazed by the amount of tissue retraction I can get with VASER, especially using the 4D Sculpt techniques.
Before VASER

In the above examples, the lady was recommended to have abdominoplasty with VASER 4D Sculpt to create a beach perfect body. She chose to try regular VASER Lipo first as she wanted to see what sort of results she could get without the need for a long scar. You can see that at her 4 week review she has great skin retraction. The creases are from the compression vests and garments she has to wear for 8 weeks.

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