Monday, 23 November 2015

Gynaecomastia treatment - don't forget the side walls

For many sufferers of gynaecomastia, getting T-Shirts and Work Shirts to fit comfortably is an issue. Often they describe the shirts being too tight around the sides of the chest as well as at the front. If this is a major problem for my patients I recommend not only just reducing the front of the chest but also extending towards the sides of the chests to reduce the density of the breast tail.

treating the lateral chest walls only
In the above case, the gentleman received just a single 5mm incision at the bottom of the nipple area. I then treated the side of the chest wall giving him a more streamline silhouette and looser fitting shirts.

Daily stretches and massage are advisable when treating this area to reduce contracture of the skin and delayed healing. But otherwise, this heals very simply and very quickly. The photos above are taken 2 weeks apart.

Treating gynaecomastia has become an areas of special interest for me in my VASER practice. We are starting to offer suitable patients with pure fatty gynaecomastia a non-surgical option called fat-freezing. Less than 1% of patients so far are suitable. So for the other 99% - VASER is an excellent choice for treating gynaecomastia.

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