Sunday, 29 November 2015

Want a chest like Chris Eubank or Anthony Joshua?

Many of my patients are slim, heathy and enjoy gym and sport. Indeed I have treated many young men aspiring to be boxers just like Chris Eubank & Anthony Joshua.

These patients are extremely fit yet still have some degree of breast swelling - gynaecomastia. In most of these cases, the condition is true gynaecomastia which is some resistant breast gland which needs surgical removal. In others there is mixed gynaecomastia which consists of fatty breast tissue as well as glandular tissue. Again this needs surgical removal but it can be removed via my VASER Lipo technique or traditional excision.

So if you are bothered by the appearance of your chest let me explain how I treat my patients with gynaecomastia:

  1. After you contact the clinic you will be offered a full consultation with me. There is a fee for this consultation.
  2. During the consultation I will obtain a full medical history from you and you will also get the opportunity to explain in detail why you would like to be considered for surgery and what are your options. You will also be shown some intraoperative video if you are interested. Many patients also want to find out what the recovery involves, how much time off work they need and what are the side effects and risks following gynaecomastia surgery in the UK. All of this will be explained to you.
  3. During your examination I will assess the type of gynaecomastia you have - true, mixed or pseudo. I will also explain where your scars would be and what sort of result you should expect.
  4. If after your consultation I feel you are not suitable for VASER lipo I will explain why. It is important to me that you understand how VASER can help and what its limitations are. Only 5% of patients who attend need to be referred to a colleague for formal gland excision through a  bigger scar.
  5. If we feel that VASER is a suitable option for you, then my secretary will sit with you and explain the pre-operative procedure and also your quote.
  6. We respect the GMC's guidelines and allow a 14 day cooling off period between consultation and surgery, however in most cases we have a 4 week wait.
  7. Before surgery you will have an appointment with my nurse to check your fitness for surgery - this is a standard pre-op assessment. Blood tests are taken as are measurements and it is also another opportunity to ask questions.
  8. On surgery day you will meet the anaesthetist and the nurse again and myself. The procedure takes place shortly after you arrive and you will be out of the operating theatre after about 90 mins. 
  9. In the recovery room, your companion can sit with you until you are ready to go home (about 60-90 mins after the surgery is finished).
  10. We see you the next day for a wound check and to go through any instructions on how to look after yourself in the forthcoming days.
  11. We review you at 1 week post op and 8-12 weeks post op.
  12. :-)

If you would like to schedule an appointment please call 01582762877 for a consultation in London or Harpenden.