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5 Reasons why it is important to wear compression garments after Vaser Lipo

Vaser Compression Garment
This is probably what people dread the most about any liposuction procedure as they fear the discomfort and constant reminder that they have had surgery. However, if high quality garments are used, it does not need to be such an ordeal as good garments are actually quite supportive and comfortable. Below are 5 reasons why it is such an important step in your care plan:

1. Following liposuction, a potential space has been created in the layers between your skin and your muscles as most of the fat has been removed. This space needs to be constantly compressed in the first few weeks post surgery, in order to prevent collections of fluids such as blood (which could cause a haematoma), inflammatory fluid (which could cause a seroma) or infection.

2. On top of that, good compression garments assists the body's natural lymphatic system, flush away any excess inflammatory fluids from the would sites.

3. The compression ensures that the skin wound edges are closed and so improves the appearance of the scars.

4. The compression helps the skin 'stick' back down to the deeper layers, enhancing the skin retraction and final appearance of your new body.

5. The garments actually make you look slimmer!

What about the compression padding?

4D Vest by Marena
For more extensive liposuction cases such as after treating abdomens or following Vaser Hi Def/4D Sculpt, your surgeon may recommend the addition of a compression foam padding vest to wear UNDER your compression garment for 4 weeks. This is to apply even, consistent pressure around your torso which helps prevent complications such as seroma and also enhances the contour of your new body.

It is a good idea to order at least 2 complete sets of compression hosiery and padding and maybe 3 sets. You may also need a second stage set to use after 3 weeks when most of your swelling has reduced and so your initial garments become too loose.

What are the common complaints with compression garments?

a) It needs 2 people to get them on in the first few days.
b) It can be so tight I can't breathe properly (this is too tight and you should get a bigger size)
c) They have shrunk after washing - only hand wash in cool water and do NOT tumble dry!
d) Its so hot!
e) between weeks 3-6, your skin starts to get its sensation back and this lends itself to experience intense itching! This is very frustrating, but its all a good sign that you are healing well!

So whats a typical timetable for wearing compression garments?

Vaser Lipo - wear the garments for 3 weeks 24/7, then another 3 weeks 12/7
Vaser Hi Def / 4D Sculpt - wear the garments with the foam vest 24/7 for 4 weeks, then just the garments 24/7 for another 4 weeks.

Where can I get compression garments from?
We have used Marena, Macom & Holistic Garments following Vaser. Following his very own 4D Sculpt procedure, Dr Jain used garments from Marena.

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