Saturday, 19 February 2011

Choosing a Vaser Hi Def Surgeon in the UK

It is absolutely essential that if you are considering Vaser Hi Def or 4D liposcupture, that you see doctors who have been officially trained in the technique by Dr Alfredo Hoyos, the innovator of Vaser Hi Def & 4D Sculpt.

To date, I think there are only 7 doctors who have been trained in Vaser Hi Def, but only ONE who has been trained in Vaser 4D Sculpt - me!

So how do you choose the right surgeon?

Meet at least 3 different surgeons and trust your gut instinct. Don't be guided by price. See if your surgeon fully understands your goals, explains the procedure and aftercare to you, gives you realistic expectations, shows you examples of his work and also, develops a good rapport with you. Vaser 4D Sculpt is a surgical procedure requiring surgical skill, and a lot of dedicated aftercare to maximise results.

It is also important to identify other qualifications he may have such as any training status which means he also teaches other surgeons. For example, I have been personally selected by Dr Alfredo Hoyos to be the only UK doctor to provide Basic & Advanced Vaser Training for the International Centre for Artistic Body Sculpting. You can read Dr Hoyos' comments on why he chose me here.

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