Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Can women have Vaser Hi Def?

Vaser Hi Def liposuction or even the more advanced Vaser 4D Sculpt, is not just for men. Women can also get sexy, hot bodies, we just recreate a different athletic look rather than a six pack. Six pack abs are a more masculine appearance so most women prefer a more streamlined abdomen with discreet diamond shape contours and shadows.
Abdomen treated only

Even though the abs are treated in a more gentle fashion than a male six pack, the female arms are treated in a more drastic fashion in that we tend to take away most of the fat over the triceps to create a less of a bingo wing with slight fashioning of the space between the deltoid and the biceps.

Vaser 4D Arms, courtesy Dr Alfredo Hoyos

Female Vaser Lipo is the most popular treatment we perform. We can also lift buttocks by moving the fat from love handles to the buttocks creating a Colombian Butt Lift. The inner and outer thighs can be refashioned in order to sculpt a complete hour glass shape.

So when you think Vaser 4D Sculpt, think Hot Sexy Bod rather than just six pack abs!

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