Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vaser 4D Sculpt to the arms

Many men & women prefer to have more defined arms allowing them to look better at the gym or just with short sleeves. There are subtle differences between the two sexes which need to be considered. Women prefer smaller arms with slight definition of the deltoids. The lower border of the upper arm should be straighter with slight curvature at each end, defining the triceps. It is key not to make the female arm too defined or bulky.

Female 4D Sculpt definition by Dr Alfredo Hoyos
Men, on the other hand,  like bulkier biceps and triceps with well-defined deltoids. It is important not to shrink the size of the male upper arm. We can give the illusion of a bigger biceps by sculpting the fat around the biceps and the deltoid creating a horseshoe effect, often sought after at the gym. Care must be taken to compensate for the natural movement of the muscles and this is identified and marked during your pre-op examination. It is also possible to transfer some fat into your deltoids to further boost their volume.

Male 4D Sculpt definition by Dr Alfredo Hoyos
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