Saturday, 4 February 2012

Male Breast Reduction with Vaser 4D Sculpt

All of our vaser patients during 2011 requested to have their chests reduced in size with our Vaser 2.0 Lipo system. This was often in combination with treating other areas such as Vaser 4D, but for many reducing the size of their breasts was their primary concern.

Some of our men needed only sculpting while others required significant debulking of fatty breast tissue with some gland excision. The exact nature of your surgery will be discussed during your consultation with your doctor.

Vaser 4D allows the surgeon not only to debulk your chest and reduce it size but to also reshape your chest providing a more athletic shape. Athletic chests often have straighter lower sides and a straight edge towards the armpit. More feminine chests are rounded and fuller in the lower half of the breast. If one works out, the pectoral muscle will bulk up in the upper half of the breast rather than the lower half. It are these fine details which will be in the surgeons mind when he reshapes your breast during a Vaser 4D Sculpting procedure. In order to bulk up the pectoral muscles, fat may be moved from one part of your body to the pecs with Fat Transfer. After all, who has six pack abs without defined pecs?

For more information about Vaser 4D Sculpt or Male Breast Reduction surgery at
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