Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bodytite vs VASER

It can be very difficult for a patient to sift through all the marketing hype to decide which treatment can be best for them. I always get asked by new patients what's the best treatment and why do I prefer VASER?

Lets start off by explaining the basic differences between Bodytite and VASER.

Bodytite uses radio frequency energy to melt the fat under the skin using a twin pronged probe. Above the skin is another radiofrequency head which is designed to help tighten the skin.

VASER Lipo uses ultrasonic energy to emulsify the fat beneath the skin and NOT melt it. This is important because it does not kill fat or surrounding tissue and so there is less collateral damage and so quicker healing. Also the fat can be transferred to other parts of the body for contour enhancement. Typical areas include male chest, female buttocks.

There have been NO clinical studies comparing these two different methods of body contouring to date. However, there have been several independent published studies which have confirmed that VASER offers quicker recovery, less blood loss, more fate removal and better skin tightening over other methods. On the other hand the only studies I have seen about Bodytite have been sponsored by Bodytite and so can't really be used to compare fairly.

But by far the most important factor in choosing your treatment is the skill of your surgeon. You should be choosing your surgeon by his care and results, and not the type of machine he uses. I have seen patients who have bad results from all different methods of liposuction including VASER and that is down to the surgeon not the kit.

Poor result after traditional liposuction
Same patient after I used VASER
to improve her appearance

During all of my new patient consultations in Harpenden and London, I will show you hundreds of examples of my results - no one else's. I will also try and show you results of patients who have similar shape to you.

Only then will you be able to decide if I am the right surgeon for you.

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