Friday, 5 October 2012

What is Medcontour?

Medcontour uses ultrasound energy similar to VASER Lipo but instead of passing probe into the body, underneath the skin, with Medcontour, the probe is rolled over the skin allowing the ultrasonic energy to pass through the skin into the fat cells. The fat is then disrupted and massaged away using the specific lymph node activation which is part of the Medcontour System.


When Medcontour was first introduced into the UK it was given the name Vasershape. However, many people confused this with VASER Lipo or VASER 4D which are surgical procedures. In Europe and the rest of the world, Medcontour is extremely successful, with millions of treatments being successfully carried out.

What sort of results can I get with Medcontour?

Medcontour can deliver results which are similar to liposuction in some patients. Together with a sensible lifestyle results are very encouraging and our patients are amazed at how much they lose. Loko at these results:

This is what one of our patients said about her treatments:

"After nearly completing a course of Vasershape, prior to my holiday I am delighted with the results!! Not only have I gone down a dress size, the weekly treatments have kept me focused on sticking to diet and exercise programme." Helen C, Harpenden

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