Tuesday, 30 October 2012

VASER Hi Def / 4D review

We are extremely proud to have received this email from one of our recent VASER 4D patients who had flown in from Los Angeles, USA to have his previous liposuction improved by Dr Ravi Jain. This patient had liposuction twice before but still couldn't see his six pack despite regular workouts.

Here is his complete email:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to thank Dr. Ravi for his excellent work during surgery and his post-operative attention to detail. His genuine interest in patient satisfaction starting from the pre-operative consultation to post-operative care shows his dedication to achieving what the patient wants. I am quite satisfied with the preliminary results and look forward to sharing the long-term results with you as my healing progresses. 

As for the post operative therapy, I would like to comment on Ms. Fortunata's work ethic and professionalism. Ms. Fortunata worked tirelessly during my therapy sessions to ensure that my pain is minimized. She takes pride in her work and aspires to bring it to perfection. She is without question very highly driven and extremely motivated. 

I would also like to comment on Ms. Fortunata's character. She conducts herself in a highly professional manner while maintaining a friendly attitude that ensures patient comfort. Her work brings the patient experience at Riverbanks to complete satisfaction.

Thank you all for such a pleasant experience. I look forward to keeping in touch and recommending you to other potential clients/patients."

Fortunata is one of our specialists post op therapists who has been specifically trained in after care therapy using ultrasound, manual lymphatic drainage and also pressuretherapy at Riverbanks. She is one of only two therapists in the UK who have received training in Colombia from the International Centre of Artistic Body Sculpting. The other therapist is Bethany, who also works at Riverbanks.

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