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Are the results from Vaser 4D permanent?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear during my new patient clinics both in London and at my flagship clinic just outside Harpenden. Essentially, the effects of the treatment are permanent but in order to make them look natural, you stil have to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Let me explain.

Vaser 4D Sculpting uses highly advanced ultrasound-assisted-liposuction techniques to create an athletically shaped body. A large percentage of the body fat which sits just beneath the skin, is removed and if necessary transferred to other parts of the body to enhance the natural curves (eg. pectoral muscles and buttocks).

In order to enhance the appearance of certain muscle groups (such as the rectus abdominus or serratus anteriors, also known as the six pack and boxers' muscles respectively), I leave a small amount of fat over the muscles creating a bulkier appearance to the muscles.

This sculpting is PERMANENT. The fat that is left behind will expand or shrink depending on your overall nutritional status, just like any other fat. If one does put on more fat after the surgery then this tends to be distributed to areas of the body where fat cells are. Prior to surgery, this would be around your torso. However, as most of the fat cells have been permanently removed now, the fat gets stored elsewhere, such as the buttocks, thighs, face and worst of all, INTERNALLY, around your organs, such as the heart, liver and pancreas. So if one does put on a lot of visceral fat following Vaser Hi Def surgery, you may end up looking like a certain celebrity who appeared on a recent Celebrity Big Brother.

Visceral Fat
Internal fat (also know as visceral fat) is not good for you at all. It increases your risk of various life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancers. So it is absolutely imperative that following ANY liposuction procedure, you maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet which maximises fat burning.

Many patients who I see at my clinic for lipo struggle with seeing any physical changes from their exercise and that is primarily because their diets are all wrong for their metabolism. Many people struggle to cope with a diet relatively free from bread, pasta, rice, potato and alcohol for at least 6 days of every week. However, this is what is required in many people in order to lose fat while exercising. My personal trainer James Lenaghan has coached me through my dietary & work out changes to maximise the results of my surgery as shown below:

6 months post Vaser 4D
Copyright Ravi Jain

So in summary, Vaser 4D can give you the body of your dreams. It will get you 90% of the way to achieving a natural looking athletic shape. You need to modify your diet and exercise, and then you will get 100% of the way much more quickly and with less drastic lifestyle changes than if you were to do this without surgery.

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