Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Post-Op Aftercare following Vaser 4D Sculpt

If you've researched Vaser Lipo treatments you may have come across some people mentioning the need for after care massages. To be honest, good lymphatic drainage is essential after all forms of lipo and most lymphoedema massage therapists are experienced in treating patients following cosmetic surgery. We have found those listed on MLD UK to be very good at treating our patients who travel from long distances for their regular vaser lipo.

The post-op care following Vaser 4D Sculpt though is much more specialised as it is designed to carefully nuture back the lymphatic system to full functionality following the precise body sculpting which has been carried out during the surgery. The programme has been personally designed by Colombian plastic surgeon, Dr Hoyos, the inventor of Hi def & 4D Sculpt.

Essentially the CARE protocol uses ultrasound therapy, manual lymphatic drainage and pressuretherapy to maximise your results and comfort. We recommend 20 sessions with a minimum of 10 sessions over 2 weeks.

Here is a video of one of Dr Jain's own post op sessions following his surgery: (This video does show patient discomfort and some blood)

Dr Jain is adamant that the VASER aftercare is critical to getting outstanding results and minimising unexpected complications following your surgery. So much so that he invested in his two therapists by sending them to Dr Hoyos's clinic in Colombia to receive the most intensive and up to date training available. Both of our therapists are the ONLY ones in the UK to be trained at Dr Hoyos' clinic in Bogota. By bringing these skills back to Riverbanks, we believe we have the most qualified service for bot surgical and post op care for Vaser 4D Sculpting in the UK.

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