Sunday, 22 January 2012

Riverbanks & Vaser 4D featured on MTV

When we were asked to feature on an MTV documentary discussing the various options available to a young girl who is not happy in her own body, we were very concerned that the right message would be portrayed to her and the show's target audience. Liposuction is NOT a treatment for weight loss and should not be considered as a first option for any form of body contouring. However, for those who have honestly tried their best with diet & exercise and still find it difficult to shift those unwanted bulges, or show off their six packs, Vaser 4D Sculpting is a good, if not extreme option.
Sophie Kasaei at Riverbanks Clinic

Sophie Kasaei, star of MTV's Geordie Shores, created the documentary 'Get Thin or Die Tryin' especially for MTV in which she went on a journey to try and decided if liposuction was the right option for her. She spoke to her friends, people who have had liposuction with good results and also to one lady who had suffered horrific complications from a laser assisted liposuction. When Sophie visited Riverbanks, she met with myself, Dr Ravi Jain and my colleague Dr Alfredo Hoyos. We explained to her in the ins and outs of Vaser Liposuction and Vaser 4D Sculpting (not all of which were included in the final edit).

Sophie even got the chance to speak to one of our male patients who was about to have his 4D Sculpting procedure at the clinic. We dressed Sophie up in our brand new Riverbanks scrubs, and invited her into the operating room and watched Dr Jain carve six pack abs into the patient using the latest Vaser 4D Sculpting techniques with Dr Hoyos commentating.

I think Sophie (and the camera crew) did very well not to pass out as the procedure can be quite gory to the unaccustomed! Sophie gave a frank and honest overview of the surgery and we found her conclusions absolutely spot on. Sophie made the right decision for her. If she really wants the body she is after, then we would advise her to invest in a personal fitness & nutrition trainer for at least 6 months. If after that she wants an extra boost, then Vaser 4D maybe a good option.

You can watch the highlights of the show here:

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