Monday, 19 March 2012

Can I have Vaser 4D Sculpt if I've had liposuction before?

Many of our Vaser 4D Sculpt patients have had liposuction before but now want to benefit from the sculpting effects of this new technique. Patients who have had a liposuction before will be referred to as 'secondary patients'. They often are not aware that their previous liposuction will make any future procedures much more challenging with greater risks and more unpredictable results. So during a detailed consultation with me, I always explain the following points:

  • The previous liposuction will have caused fibrosis (scar tissue) beneath the skin and sometimes this is quite dense. Dense fibrosis raises the risks of perforation and uneven results because more force is required to pass the instruments through the tissues. However, the Vaser 2.0 Lipo system, delivers ultrasound energy much more efficiently and this copes very well with fibrotic tissues.
  • When trying to create a six-pack or High Definition Liposculpture, the lines may not be as obvious during the surgery due to the fibrosis. In a patient who has not had lipo before, the sculpting is more obvious because only fat is sculpted. However, in a lipo (secondary) patient, the sculpting is done in both fibrotic and fatty layers and because the fibrotic layers are more stiff, they do not necessarily reveal their new shape straight away.
  • There will be much more inflammation and swelling in secondary cases because there will be generally more trauma and blood loss when compared to first timers. As such, more aftercare sessions are generally required over a longer time and results may take much longer to develop (even up to a year). The strength of the definition achieved is much more unpredictable due to the prolonged, although patients will be slimmer and there will be a hint of definition in the worst case scenario.

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