Thursday, 15 March 2012

How quickly will I see results after Vaser when treating my man boobs?

When treating gynecomastia with the Vaser 2.0 Lipo system at Riverbanks, we are confident that you will see results immediately. Here are some photos taken immediately before surgery started, and right at the end of the same surgery.


after Vaser 2.0 Lipo

Vaser 2.0 Lipo system

The Vaser 2.0 Lipo system at Riverbanks Clinic is the ONLY one in the UK. It allows our team of Vaser specialists to create amazing results like above with much more accuracy than previous models. Only Dr Jain has the Vaser 2.0 Lipo system in the UK, the very latest in Vaser Lipo technology.

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