Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How does Vaser Lipo work?

Vaser Lipo is a 3rd generation ultrasound device used to EMULSIFY fat before removing it from the body with relatively gentle liposuction. How is this possible? Well, the best way to explain it is to describe how traditional Suction-Assisted-Liposuction (SAL) works first.

With SAL, fluid is injected into the fatty tissue in order to minimise blood loss and also soften some of the fat. The fat cells are present in small globules of fat, a bit like seeds in a pomegranate and are held in place by collagen scaffolding, much like the pith in a pomegranate. These globules are STILL ATTACHED to the body when SAL is commenced. So it is necessary to use a relatively high powered suction to detach the fat from the body and as a result  there tends to be a higher amount of collateral damage, i.e. damage to the other structures such as blood vessels, nerves and also the collagen scaffolding. This is why there is a higher amount of blood loss with SAL when compare to VASER, and also why recovery is often slower.
Fat structure

Fat before treatment
VASER Lipo, starts off in a similar fashion to SAL, in that the fat is first injected with anaesthetic fluid in order to minimise blood loss, provide pain relief and also soften the fat. BUT, before suction is performed, the Vaser probe is inserted into the body and it emits ultrasonic waves into the fat to shake the fat globules off the body, breaking them up in to smaller groups of VIABLE fat cells, which look like a liquid. The energy from the Vaser probes primarily effects just the fat cells and so the surrounding tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and skin are left largely undamaged. Then the special suction tubes valled VENT-X Cannulae are used which have no sharp edges, and together with LOW POWER SUCTION, the fatty liquid is removed. The Vent-X Cannulae and low power suction cause hardly any collateral damage and so the body is less traumatised and hence recovery is quicker.
infusing anaesthetic fluid
Emulsification of fat
Aspiration (suction)
Natural Skin Restraction

Below is a video of how the Vaser probe emulsifies a fatty globule, extracted from a live operation performed at Riverbanks Clinic.

For more information about Vaser Lipo and to see if its suitable for you, book a consultation here.

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