Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What happens if I put on weight after Vaser?

I get asked this question a lot and during my consultations I make sure this is covered even when it is not asked as it is an important fact which needs to be considered. Lets first explain how fat is deposited in adults.

pinching subcutaneous fat
Adults have a finite amount of fat cells and not usually grow any more fat cells. When people put on weight, their current fat cells simply expand, and when they lose weight, these cells shrink again. Men and women lay down fat differently. Women tend to lay down fat under the skin and around the abdomen. This is called peripheral fat or subcutaneous fat and is easily pinchable around the waistline. Only when women are obese do they tend to put down fat internally around the organs.

On the other hand, men tend to put down fat inside the abdomen, around the internal organs first. When they are obese they then lay down fat under the skin. This has important consequences as internal fat or 'visceral fat' can lead to heart disease, diabetes and cancers. So it is very important for men to lose visceral fat to prolong their lifespan. However, most men have both peripheral and visceral fat present especially those that work out, and there may be more peripheral than visceral fat present in such individuals. If so, they maybe suitable candidates for Vaser 4D Lipo.

before & after Vaser 4D Sculpt
Liposuction gets rid of peripheral fat very effectively and it is this fat which we sculpt in Vaser 4D Sculpting.  On the other hand, visceral fat cannot be treated with liposuction! The only way to get rid of visceral fat is through lifestyle changes. However, the good news is that visceral fat responds very well to lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. On the other hand, peripheral fat responds more slowly and that is why many people get frustrated when they can't lose more weight around their waistline despite shrinking the size of the tummies.

So what happens if you gain weight after liposuction?
After liposuction, there is a reduced amount of peripheral fat in the body. So when someone's lifestyle becomes more sedentary the body will lay down fat. But if there is no peripheral fat to absorb this extra fat, then the next place to take it is the internal visceral fat, inside the abdomen and thorax. This is very unhealthy for reasons explained above. The other areas which may grow are areas of untreated peripheral fat such as the buttocks or breasts. So if someone does put on weight after Vaser, they may get bigger buttocks or breasts or their tummies may swell.

This is why any form of liposuction should NOT be used as a weight loss alternative but more of a option for getting rid of stubborn areas in patients who are only slightly overweight. Vaser 4D Sculpt can be used to treat patients who were previously considered to be too slim for traditional liposuction and this has opened up sculpting possibilities for a whole new population.

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