Sunday, 10 June 2012

Independent VASER Review about Riverbanks

This review was posted on an internet forum by a patient explaining their VASER experience at Riverbanks. For the record, it was totally unprompted.

I am coming up to 1 week post op having had Vaser to my chest, upper & lower abs and flanks and wanted to share my experience. After a lot of research on Vaser and which were the best clinics, I decided on going to Dr Ravi Jain at Riverbanks. I arranged for an initial consultation (£50) at his clinic to go through my options and what results I could expect. The clinic itself made a really good first impression on me. It's clean, modern and the staff are very friendly. During the consultation I told Dr Jain the areas that I wanted treated before stripping off so he could examine me. I was encouraged to hear him say that I had good musculature and he would try and go as close to Hi-Def as he could.

I booked up there and then. I thought the price was very reasonable considering other quotes I had seen and given Dr Jain's credentials. The next available appointment was in 2 weeks time, so I didn't have long to wait. During that period, I had to have a blood test (this is arranged by Riverbanks, but the cost isn't covered in the fee) and was sent some pre op instructions on how to prepare myself. These included a prescription for my antibiotics and painkillers. 

I was to take my first medication the night before the operation, which was booked for 10am. I arrived at the clinic at about 9:15 so that I could get prepared and marked up by Dr Jain. I was measured and weighed so that the anaesthetist could make his calculations before being led into Dr Jain's office. I changed into a very fetching pair of paper pants before I had my pictures taken. I was then marked up in the areas that were going to be operated on before being taken into the operating theatre. 

Firstly, I was washed down with alcohol. I was warned that this was going to be be cold (and it was), but it wasn't too uncomfortable. What was uncomfortable, however, was when the alcohol dripped down to my bits and pieces! That did sting a bit, but didn't last too long. I knew I was going to be under local anaesthetic and had read other patient's accounts of how they were awake the whole time. I can remember the needle going into my hand and the feeling of the anaesthetic being administered, but that was it. The next thing I remember is being woken up by the nurse after it was all over. 

I was helped into my compression garment and changed back into my clothes. I would recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothes as there will be a lot of leaking and padding. I was led to a waiting area where I had something to drink but couldn't tackle the sandwich on offer. I was leaking quite a bit, so had to sit on some padding. I was also feeling really tired, which was an effect of the anaesthetic still in my system.

Once I got home, I was aching a bit but it wasn't anything too painful. I took a couple of painkillers and went straight to bed. I had a pretty good night's sleep but my back was aching when I woke up. This was more due to the layers of towels and padding I had on my bed in case I leaked during the night. 

The following morning, I undid my compression vest to take my first look at my new body. The results looked amazing. My chest was now flat, as was my stomach and the love handles had gone. This was even with post op swelling, so give it a few months and I will look even better. The 'pain' over the last few days has only ever been like an ache and I have been taking my prescribed painkillers. I am wearing the compression garment 24/7, and taking regular walks to help minimise the build up of any further fluids. I have my follow up appointment this Friday and will be interested to hear what Dr Jain thinks of it.

I would recommend Vaser to anyone who is thinking of it. It really does work. I would also recommend using Riverbanks Clinic. They are very professional, friendly, very reasonably priced and Dr Jain is the most highly qualified Vaser surgeon in the country

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