Saturday, 9 June 2012

VASER Lipo review at Riverbanks - my experience by Mandy

For as long as I can remember my body has been pear shaped and very out of proportion with my small waist.  After doing some research on liposuction i came across vaser liposuction and it really sounded ideal.  I went on a hunt looking for a good doctor and after meeting with 3 doctors, from the moment I walked in to the Riverbanks Clinic I knew I would be well looked after.  Dr Jain was very realistic and put my mind at ease with the procedure.  I went ahead and had vaser done on both my thighs and flanks.  There was literally no pain at all during the procedure and if I had to describe it, the word I would use is it was weird! It felt as though someone was building something under my skin but it really was not painful in any way.  The results were immediate and I was absolutely over the moon.  I remember walking in to Dr Jains office and saying I literally want the sides of my body taken off to give myself a nice smooth shape, not so pear like - this is exactly what Dr Jain did for me and the results surpassed my expectations by a million. 

Before VASER

All my clothes are looking incredible on, I no longer have the dreaded 'muffin top' and I feel absolutely wonderful.  I could never have achieved these results without the help of Dr Jain - no gymming or dieting would have given me what I have now.  I feel even more motivated now to keep my shape and have been gyming very hard.  I am now around 2 months post vaser and the results just keep getting better.  The scarring is minimal and my cellulite has reduced.  I no longer have 'love handles' and I no longer have big thighs.  I would like to thank Dr Jain and his team for really making a dream of mine come true.  The only thing I think I think I did wrong, was not doing more areas!  

Mandy, N. London

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