Sunday, 10 June 2012

VASER Lipo Reviews - London, UK

Thank you very much for sending these photos, I still cant believe what a fantastic job you've done and words cannot describe how pleased I am with the results.  The service I've received from yourself and your wonderful team has been amazing and made the whole experience worthwhile and it's exceeded all my expectations.  EJ, Northamptonshire

The results are amazing! I found it very difficult to find a place to do the kind of specific surgery I wanted done - and as such I didn't really have high hopes that I would be able to get the kind of outcome I wanted. But credit to Mr Mouallem, he did a fantastic job! Paul, Hemel Hempstead

Ever since I had vaser sweat therapy my sweating had reduced to half the amount. It has remained constant & haven't had any side effects other than  the dark marks left from the incursions . I would recommend the treatment because it has changed my life, I'm more relaxed. KD, SW London

Its been just over a week since I had my procedure and results are already showing, shaping up beautifully, almost no bruising, very very pleasing, as usual your brilliant work, thank you so much. MT, SE London

I too have had vaser lipo at Dr Ravi Jain's Riverbanks Clinic in Harpenden. I am a 38 year old female professional and at present one week post vaser on my arms, thighs and knees....Dr Jain and his team are truly wonderful. They have made me feel welcome, at ease and so thankful to have made the right decision to have had vaser lipo at Riverbanks Clinic. They have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and looked after. I am so excited to see my new arms and legs. Anon, S. London

I would recommend Vaser to anyone who is thinking of it. It really does work. I would also recommend using Riverbanks Clinic. They are very professional, friendly, very reasonably priced and Dr Jain is the most highly qualified Vaser surgeon in the country. JA, SE London

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